Hey struggling mom

Looking for more peace, connection, love, and joy?

It really is possible to move from a place of resentment to peace. Anger to acceptance.  Disconnect to connection.  Fear to hope.  And unhappiness to joy.  

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Hi, I'm Corrie

I help struggling moms live more joyful lives.  

Kind Words From Clients

“Corrie has provided me with tremendous support, consultation and guidance as I worked through a road block to accomplish my goal. Corrie is a person of integrity, generosity, compassion, and kindness; her friendly demeanour put me at ease when discussing the deep issues.

She has a natural ability for showing empathy and demonstrates unconditional positive regard to those who are fortunate to have her in their lives.”

– Maureen Simpson

“Corrie’s presence and attention created a space that allowed me to feel comfortable being vulnerable.  Some people have this natural ability, others can perhaps develop it over time. Corrie is one of those people that have been gifted with this amazing ability.

I can tell by the questions she asked that she was genuinely concerned. I felt like she created and held that space for me.

During our time together I had a major breakthrough regarding my relation with my mom. It totally changed my perspective and I haven’t been the same since. I now feel empowered to take charge and move that relation in the direction I want it to go.”

– Hootie Kareem